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Kenwood, Sony & Panasonic Radios
Car Stereo Radio Repair Information Page

Note: we are not accepting any more car Radios or giving out quotes for repairs at this time. We will update this page when we are accepting radios in for repair again, Thanks for your interest.

We specialize in repairing Car Stereo Radios. You can save money on having your Car Radio repaired and protect your valuable investments, with us.

Here are some good reasons why you should send your aftermartket Car Radio to us for repair and maintenance, rather than to local repair shops.

We are experienced and are familiar with these models. Our technicians can troubleshoot directly to the problem. We can also detect the worn out and nearly defective parts that cause most of the intermittent problems, in which most services shops can not find out. So you can get your radio fixed right, the first time, and avoid damages by inexperience technicians trying to explore.

Every Car Radio that is repaired, comes with a full 90 day no hassle warranty.

Brand Names of Radios
This is how we calculate the price of a repair:
Labor: Labor is calculated from the number of parts that are needed
to be replaced and the amount of time that was spent on troubleshooting.
Parts: This is the price of parts and schematics, if necessary.
Tax: If you live in CA State we have to charge you sales tax.
S&H cost: Spectronix bills only the actual UPS or Fedex rate plus a $2.45 handling fee.

To start the repair process for your Car Radio Click Here.

Since there are thousands of aftermarket Car Radios we cannot give an accurate total for how much its going to cost without actually seeing it and giving you a free estimate. However, on most aftermarket car AM/FM cassette radios the price will be between $35.00 to $65.00 + shipping for a complete repair. Note: Aftermarket car AM/FM CD players, for a estimate please fill out the Repair Order Number Request Form and we will send you a general estimate.
Some Aftermarket Car Radios fall outside this range either lower or higher. Be assured. We always charge the lowest possible amount to professionally repair your radio. We're in the business of saving you money and making loyal costumers.

Aftermarket Radio
Pyle Radio

Your car radio will be thoroughly inspected as we work on it. While your equipment is in our repair center, we will keep you informed and involved. Only appropriate and necessary repairs will be performed. After your radio is repaired and before we send it back to you, we perform a full dynamic test on it to make sure it will be in perfect working order when you receive it back. The repair isn't complete until you're satisfied.

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